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The Regulatory Conformity.

A major air conditioning supplier was looking to implement regulatory maintenance on lifting equipment in a production workshop.


Dakatech has integrated its GeoSensor beacons on the slings and lifting beams in the area. By scanning them from their smartphones, operators were able to carry out a weekly check and report potential anomalies. An alert notification system has also been put in place.


Real-time tracking of equipment,
•Better knowledge of breakdowns and implementation of more effective action plans,
•Management eased by accessing the history of breakdowns and repairs.

The Maintenance Monitoring.

In a production workshop, the tools shared between the different teams are often lost and no follow-up is carried out on their uses.


Once the equipment has been listed via the mobile application, training is set up with operators and maintenance providers on the proper use of maintenance.


Real-time tracking of equipment, declared anomalies and the progress of repairs.
Time saving for external maintenance providers.
Better knowledge of equipment operations and statistics.

The Availability of Equipment.

Most laboratories cannot provide as much equipment as there are laboratory assistants. It quickly becomes impossible to identify which equipment is available, defective or in repair.


After integrating GeoSensors beacons, Dakatech made available a tailor-made SaaS software: access to equipment schedules, geolocation of equipment and implementation of a notification workflow.


•The real-time availability status of the equipment makes it possible to start manipulations quicker.
•The equipment loan capacity has been optimized.
•The time saved with the maintenance technicians was significant.